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1. Sharp Semi Auto Series Washing Machine EST95ABM
Sharp Semi Auto Series Washing Machine EST95ABM
- 9.2KG Capacity
- Semi Auto
- 55L Water Consumption
- Energy Saving
- 2 Course Wash Programs
- Air Bubble Wash
- Ag+ Ion
- Wind Dry
- Super Aquamagic
- Double Pulsator
- Soak Wash
- Fuzzy Logic Control Washing
10/10Promo: RM587

Normal: RM999
2. Sharp ESX715 Fully-Auto Washer 7KG
Sharp ESX715 Fully-Auto Washer 7KG
- 7KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- 3 Years Warranty on Control Panel
- 10 Years Warranty on Motor
- Intelligent Waterfall System
- Equal Wash And Less Tangle
- 3D Wave
- Fuzzy Control
- Auto Start After Blackout
- Soak Wash
10/10Promo: RM659

Normal: RM839
3. Sharp 8KG Washing Machine ESX-805
Sharp 8KG Washing Machine ESX-805
- 8KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- Intelligent Waterfall System
- 3D Wave
- Soak Wash
- Hydraulic Tempered Glass Lid
- Stainless Steel Tub
- Power Off Memory
- LED Display
10/10Promo: RM825

Normal: RM1129
4. Sharp Washing Machine 9 KG ESU-906H
Sharp Washing Machine 9 KG ESU-906H
- 9KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- No Water wastage
- No Detergent Wastage
- Minimise Mold & Bacteria Growth
- No Damage To Fabric
- 7 Shields Protection
- Dual Cyclone Rotation
- AG Coated Pulsator
10/10Promo: RM1229

Normal: RM1349
5. Sharp 11kg Fully Auto Washing Machine ESX-115
Sharp 11kg Fully Auto Washing Machine ESX-115
- 11KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- Intelligent Waterfall System
- Equal Wash And Less Tangle
- Washboard Texture Stainless Steel Tub
- Hydraulic Tempered Glass Safe Lid
- 3D Wave
- Fuzzy Control
10/10Promo: RM1148

Normal: RM1599

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Sharp washing machine Malaysia
Sharp is a Japanese international corporation that develops and produces electronic items, locateded in Sakai-ku, Sakai. Because 2016 it has actually been an essential part of Taiwan-based Foxconn Group. Sharp utilizes more than 50,000 individuals worldwide. The business was founded in September 1912 in Tokyo and takes its name from among its creator’s first creations, the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil, which was created by Tokuji Hayakawa in 1915.

As of 2013, Sharp Corporation is the tenth-largest, by market share, television maker worldwide. In 1912, Tokuji Hayakawa founded a metal workshop in Tokyo. The very first of his many inventions was a breeze buckle called ‘Tokubijo’. Another of his innovations was the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil in 1915, from which the Sharp Corporation derived its name. After the pencil business was ruined by the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake, the company transferred to Osaka and began designing the first generation of Japanese radio sets. These went on sale in 1925. In 1953, Sharp began producing TELEVISION sets.

In 1964, Sharp developed the world’s first transistor calculator, which was priced at JP ¥ 535,000 (US$ 1,400). It took Sharp several years to establish the item as they had no experience in making computing devices at the time. Two years later on, in 1966, Sharp introduced its very first IC calculator using 145 Mitsubishi-made bipolar ICs, priced at JP ¥ 350,000 (about US$ 1000). Its very first LSI calculator was presented in 1969. This was the very first pocketable calculator priced at less than JP ¥ 100,000 (less than US$ 300), and turned out to be a popular item.

The company ventured into the luxury stereo market in 1976 with the intro of high end receivers, amplifiers, speakers, turntables and cassette players. The Optonica line as it was called, consisted of high quality and technically advanced components, that was expanded in 1979, to cover a wider choice of high-end equipment. Throughout this run, Sharp introduced digital innovation to a few of the Optonica items, in addition to the standard analogue items, and used a total choice of models ranging from low power luxury receivers to really effective designs. The line was once again changed, in 1981, and moved mainly into digital high end, total stereo with advanced technological functions setting the pattern to the digital age. The line was ceased after 1981, however the Optonica line was once again re-introduced in the late 1980s for a luxury line of television receivers and higher quality mass market audio items such as VCR’s, surround sound receivers, CD cassette boom boxes, and portable cassette players.

Net sales for the year 2003 were $16.8 billion. The Corporation uses 46,600 staff, of which around half live outside Japan. It operates from 64 bases in 30 nations and its products are distributed in 164 nations worldwide. Many of its regional subsidiaries trade under the name “Sharp Electronics”.

In September 2014, Sharp announced that Slovakian electronics business UMC was getting an unique brand licence from Sharp and its European television and audio business UMC will also obtain Sharp’s Polish factory. As part of the offer, Sharp will support the design and advancement of tvs offered by UMC under the Sharp brand. The same month, Sharp also revealed a tie-up with Vestel in Europe for soft goods. Vestel will sell Sharp-branded soft goods (other than air conditioning unit), such as fridges and microwave produced by Sharp in Thailand and China. Sharp will likewise license its brand to Vestel for volume home appliances such as fridges, washering and ovens. Sharp’s remaining European service will then focus on the business-to-business sector including multi-function printers and energy options.