COMPARE 5 BEST Samsung Washing Machine In MALAYSIA!

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1. Samsung Fully Automated Washing Machine 7Kg WA70H4000SG/FQ
Samsung Fully Automated Washing Machine 7Kg WA70H4000SG/FQ
- 7KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- Ergonomic & Streamline Design
- Tempered Glass Door
- Dual-Cluster Control Panel
- Ait Turbo Drying
- Ice blue LED Display
10/10Promo: RM596.88

Normal: RM799
2. Samsung Washing Machine Top Load 10 KG - WA10J5710SG

- 10KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- 5 Years Local Supplier Warranty
- Activ Dualwash
- Magic Dispenser
- Wobble Technology
- Magic Filter
- Inverter
- Gentle Fabric Care
10/10Promo: RM1099

Normal: RM1499
3. 2017 New Model : Samsung 13kg Washing Machine with Activ DualWash WA13J5750SV/FQ
2017 New Model : Samsung 13kg Washing Machine with Activ DualWash WA13J5750SV/FQ
- 13KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- 11 Years Digital Inverter Motor Warranty
- Active Dualwash
- Pre-Treatment
- Digital Inverter Technology
10/10Promo: RM1588

Normal: RM1999
4. Samsung DV80H4200CW Dryer with Condenser Dryer, 8KG
Samsung DV80H4200CW Dryer with Condenser Dryer, 8kg
- 8KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- With Condenser Dryer
- 11 Years Warranty For AC Motor
- Diamond Drum
- Instant Water Level Check
- Easy Troubleshooting
- Reversible Door
- Filter Cleaning Reminder
10/10Promo: RM2899

Normal: RM3299
5. Samsung WW12K8412OW Front Load Washer with Add Wash, 12 KG
Samsung WW12K8412OW Front Load Washer with Add Wash, 12 kg
- 12KG Capacity
- Fully Auto
- With Add Wash
- 11 Years Warranty For Digital Motor Inverter
- Simply Add During Wash
- Unleashing Bubble Power
- Control With Mobile Phone
- Front Load
10/10Promo: RM3999

Normal: RM4599

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Samsung washing machine Malaysia
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On 2 August 2016, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Note7 smartphone, which went on sale on 19 August 2016. However, in early September 2016, Samsung suspended sales of the phone and revealed a casual recall. This occurred after some units of the phones had batteries with a flaw that triggered them to produce extreme heat, leading to fires and surges. Samsung changed the remembered systems of the phones with a new variation; nevertheless, it was later found that the new variation of the Galaxy Note7 also had the battery flaw. Samsung remembered all Galaxy Note7 mobile phones worldwide on 10 October 2016, and permanently ended production of the phone the following day.

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